Sandblasted & Etched Glass Care and Cleaning

Your sandblasted or etched glass has been professionally sealed with Clearshield Sandblast Protect.  This is a specialized product essential to long term durability and protection of your glass, that is used by architects, designers, and specifier’s throughout the world for 30+ years.

Please clean your Art Glass as you would other plain glass, wiping gently, using light pressure and a good quality glass cleaner (such as Creative Mirror’s Perma Gleam Glass Cleaner). A soft microfiber towel is perfect for wiping the glass. Finger prints and oils could accumulate on the sandblasted glass over time, and are able to be removed easily. Make a solution of warm water and a few drips of mild dishwashing liquid such as Dawn™ or Joy™.  Dip a microfiber towel in the solution and lightly scrub.  Rinse area with clean warm water and dry with a lint free towel using a circular motion.

Never use abrasive powders or cleaning pads, bleach, ammonia or any solvent to clean glass. All glass is porous, using the wrong cleaning solution or technique will unnecessarily destroy the beauty of your glass whether it is sandblasted or not.


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