Frameless Sliding Glass Room Dividers & Glass Walls

Creative Mirror & Shower offers high-quality frameless glass sliding door systems for residential, architectural, and commercial applications. Allowing in natural light makes a space feel more open and inviting, a trend the architectural community calls, “daylighting.” Natural daylight brings positive energy to the home or workplace; people are happier and workers are more productive. And say goodbye to high energy costs as utilizing natural light throughout the space cuts down on those expensive electricity bills. 

With frameless glass sliding doors, glass walls, and room dividers, there is no need for a metal floor track - the glass panels simply glide with ease. Frameless sliding door options include fixed panels on a single-track, bi-parting synchronized doors, barn door applications, and even self-closing door mechanisms. Specialized glass sliding doors are also available, including telescopic systems in which multiple glass doors such as a three-panel slider glide simultaneously to divide or open a room.

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