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Design & Planning Guide for Shower Doors and Enclosures

Properly designed and constructed openings will result in Shower Doors that not only look beautiful, but are also leak resistant. Today’s master bath shower often involves a combination of powerful shower heads and multiple body sprays that makes for a spa experience. These same features often cause a very high volume of water spray and proper planning and design is critical to creating a beautiful and functional shower door.

A Beautiful Frameless Shower Door starts with Good Advice!

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Shower Base


Flat Molded Bases


Correctly Pitched


Dead-Level Threshold


Outward-Pitched Threshold


Decorative Border Tile


Proper Framing


Shower Angle


Body Spray Direction


Outward Door Swing


Tall Steam Shower


90 Degree Angle


Face of Rise Should Be Perfectly Plumb


Minimum Width of Panels


Plumb Soffits


Never Mount on Glass Tiles


Barrier Free Openings

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