Shower Bases & Wall Systems Care & Maintenance

It’s easy to maintain high quality shower bases and shower walls, and these tips below will help keep your them from deteriorating over time and staying beautiful!

DO use dish detergent such as Dawn or Joy, along with a microfiber cloth.

Start by wiping down the shower base and shower walls with a very mild dish soap (Dawn or Joy works fine), and a high quality microfiber cloth. A little dish soap goes a long way, and using too much can result in a bubbly, foamy, and tough to clean mess. If there is a lot of lime scale and soap grease build up, a cleaning solution of 5:1 water to vinegar with a few drops of dish soap does the trick very nicely. Finish up with a wipe down of a microfiber cloth. It is important to get the area as dry as possible when finished.

NEVER use any abrasive materials, or cleaners containing ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, acetone or bleach.

Using abrasive cleaning materials such as steel wool, scrubbing pads or hard sponges can scratch the base and wall material. Microfiber cloths not only maintain a smooth base and wall surface, but they also do a great job of removing any dirt or buildup. Cleaners containing ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, or bleach can strip away the glossy coating causing a cloudy and hazy discoloration. This is irreversible unless a maintenance repairman is called to recoat the damaged spot.

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For more information regarding the Care & Maintenance of your glass products, contact us at 1-800-SHOWERS.

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